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For 25 years Stringham Schools has been Utah’s leader in real estate education for Agent Pre-Licensing, Broker Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education. Stringham Schools is the most recognized and sought after real estate school in Utah, we don’t just provide real estate classes, we promote your success by providing you plenty of resources to succeed, including making our courses affordable, flexible, and convenient.

As Utah’s largest and predominant real estate school, we’ve established our well known reputation and referral rate by providing affordable and quality education. When compared with other real estate schools, we consistently stay above by providing value to our students. As you’ll see in the comparison chart below, the value we provide makes our tuition more affordable than other schools.

Whether you are coming to us from a full-time job or an open schedule, our educational model is designed to be flexible enough for everyone. Stringham Schools offers the full 120-hour curriculums in both live and online formats, which allows you to take the classes in a way that suits your learning style the best! If you’re wanting an interactive and collaborative learning environment, come in for our live classes. For those who prefer the solitude of online learning, we have you covered. Some students want a little of both, no problem. Because we’re attentive to our students’ needs, we make our courses flexible to take.

Because our courses are open enrollment, you can start at any time and begin with almost any class. Most classes are their own topic, so its easy to jump into your real estate education at any time. The convenience of starting at any point and going at your own pace, makes Stringham a great choice for everybody.

Stringham Value

Stringham Schools is the highest referred real estate school in Utah

When compared to other real estate schools in Utah, Stringham Schools continually seeks to provide students a better learning experience than anywhere else. While other schools simply provide classes, we promote success. See the chart below why Stringham Schools is the highest referred real estate school in Utah.

Stringham Schools is the highest referred real estate school in Utah

    • Online Classes
    • Live Classes
    • Easy Scheduling

    Flexible Learning

    • Live State Test Prep Class
    • Full-time Student Advisors
    • Full-time Tech Support

    Highest % of Graduates

    • Customized Learning Aids
    • One-of-a-Kind Textbook
    • Studio Produced Video

    Customized Material

    • One-on-One Tutoring
    • Peer-to-Peer Study Groups
    • Webinars

    Empowered Students

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “I was referred to Stringham Schools by a realtor friend of the family. I was so impressed with the quality of instructors and would highly recommend Stringham Schools to my friends and family.”

    Margo Watson - Salt Lake City, Utah
  • “Their educational program is highly regarded and their attention to securing strong testing scores is the best in the industry.”

    William Bustos - Salt Lake City, Utah
  • “The Stringham School experience was great! I would highly recommend their program for anyone who wants a great education and to pass their exam the first time.”

    Sara Sergent - Park City, Utah
  • “Stringham Schools is by far the best, most comprehensive training anyone could get to pass the state real estate exams. I would highly recommend Stringham.”

    Chris Kemp - Highland, Utah